Hey – we may as well have fun as we go sliding into old age, right?

Who Am I?

I’m a fifty-something woman (oh, okay – I’m 54) dealing with work, marriage, family, health, and the intriguing adventures of getting older. I’ve been in bad relationships (really bad), and good ones (like my wonderful marriage of 15 years).   I have no children of my own, but I enjoy seven grandchildren thanks to my husband’s family (he’s a bit older, and I refer to myself as his ‘trophy bride’!).

I sing in church on Sunday mornings in both a traditional choir and a rock-n-roll praise band.  I like Broadway shows and NASCAR.  The Grand Ole Opry and Van Gogh.  Budweiser and Pinot Noir.  I shop at Target and Lord & Taylor (far more often at Target).  I’ve been flat broke and I’ve been moderately wealthy, and now I’m comfortably somewhere in between.

Trust me, I don’t have any corporate sponsors, so the opinions expressed are mine alone – take them or leave them at your own risk.  If you subscribe, you will not be receiving any spam – it’s a private list and this is strictly a hobby blog.  If you enjoy the blog, please share it with your friends (via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  I’d love to expand my followers, if only for the simple reason that it’s more fun to write for a bigger audience.

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  1. Hi, Beth –

    I emailed you a while ago and didn’t hear back – I’d be honored for my blog to be included at Vibrant Nation!


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